Hello Winter

The Superintendent of Schools makes the final weather related decisions based on a number of factors, including student safety, bus transportation, road conditions, and wind chill temperature. The decision to close school is often difficult and weather events can occur at any time. If a decision cannot be made the night before, the District will typically make a decision between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. in the next morning. Please keep in mind that when cancelling school for weather related reasons, the District will post notifications in the order noted below.

Social Media – Follow Hancock Place School District on Facebook and Twitter @HancockSupt 

 News Media– HPSD will be listed on all major TV stations in the event of an emergency related closure. 

 Website – www.hpsd.school

Phone – Families and staff will receive an automated phone message 

 Text Messaging - Families and staff will receive a text anytime the district is closed, if they have opted in